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Apple’s Snazzy, Pricey MagSafe iPhone Charger Is $5 off Today on Amazon

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Apple MagSafe Charger | $34 | Amazon

Apple’s Lightning cable did wonders for those of us who struggle to get our USB cables plugged in the right way, but it’s still a pain to get just right in the dark sometimes. The company’s reborn MagSafe charger, which magnetically slaps a charger (or a slew of other accessories) to the back of your device without hogging up your Lightning port.

At $39, it’s a hefty ask for charging functionality, but it’s a cool party trick, and it does add a bit of convenience to your nightly charging routine. If $5 off will entice you, though, it’s down to $34 on Amazon right now. It’s still not the cheapest or best charger you can get, and you have better options, but if a cable-free lifestyle is in your sights, this might be worth a shot.

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