greghendershott/frog: Frog is a static blog generator implemented in Racket, targeting Bootstrap and able to use Pygments.

Frog image by @Goug8888, used under Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic.

raco pkg install frog
MIT License

Frog is a static web site generator written in Racket.

You write content in Markdown or Scribble. You generate
files. To deploy, you push them to a GitHub Pages repo (or copy them
to Amazon S3, or whatever).

Posts get a variety of automatic blog features.

You can also create non-post pages.

Pygments handles syntax highlighting for code blocks.

The generated site uses Bootstrap, which is responsive,
automatically adapting to various screen sizes.

Full documentation.

TL;DR: This project is in low-maintenance mode.

I have enjoyed working on Frog for many years. In the beginning, it
was intended to be a “just-works”, “any color you want, so long as
it’s black” simple application.

I envisioned it as an application that happened to be written in
Racket — which some people might use even if they weren’t Racket
programmers. That didn’t happen. At the same time, it evolved to be
more configurable. And finally to use a #lang for configuration. At
which point it felt more like what is really was: A tool for Racket
programmers to do a static blog.

Eventually I felt even that was too complicated, and my own blog
should simply be a Makefile driving a few pieces of code inherited
from Frog. In other words, I no longer use Frog for my own

As a result, although you’re welcome to open issues about new features
or off-label uses, please don’t expect much. I expect I will still try
to fix bugs, at least as/when I have time and I believe a fix would
not result in more and/or worse bugs.

As I write this in July 2019, I think the situation has already been
clear from the repo activity for a long time. Even so, I want to be
super up-front about where the project is headed, or not. That way
people can make an informed choice how to spend their limited time and

Finally a big thank you to people who contributed things over the

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