Trello has a new look, logo and tools

Trello today rolled out a “once-in-a-decade refresh” of its project management software, adding new visualization options and smarter cards to the platform. There are four new viewing modes for Trello boards: timeline, calendar, table and dashboard. These are accessible by clicking the “Board” tab, which now opens a dropdown of the different options.

Timeline makes it easier to visualize projects that span multiple days or phases, displaying more than two weeks at a time.


Calendar mode is precisely what it sounds like — a traditional monthlong calendar with cards on the appropriate dates. Moving a card to a new day on the calendar automatically updates its due date.

Table view allows users to organize more than one board on a single page, laid out in a simple list with information including icons, labels, members and due dates.


Finally, dashboard provides bird’s-eye metrics breaking down your Trello situation in pie and bar graphs.



“In the near future you will be able to pull cards together from across all of your team’s boards like you can with Table, but with Calendar, Timeline, and Dashboard as well,” a Trello blog post reads. “Saved filters will let you instantly pull up the information you need in the view you want whether that is a Calendar of your work, a Timeline of company projects, or a Dashboard of current company workloads.”

Trello has made its cards smarter, too. There are three fresh card types: link, board and mirror. Link cards allow users to drop a URL into a card’s title and have it populate relevant information, including previews from YouTube, Google Drive, Instagram, Dropbox and other applications. Board cards let users drop a link to another Trello board in the title space, creating a direct link to that space. Mirror cards are coming in the next few months, allowing users to clone a card to multiple boards.

The Trello logo, illustrations and the standard sidebar have also received a spit-shine. The sidebar is now organized by workspace. So, get to work, folks.

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