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Estonian spies warn China wants ‘silenced world’

TALLINN: Estonia’s foreign intelligence service on Wednesday warned against China’s growing influence, saying it wanted “a silenced world dominated by Beijing”.

The spy agency also said that global dependence on Chinese technology was growing and that China “follows Russia’s example” in spreading misinformation.

“China’s main goal is to create a division between the United States and Europe,” it said in an annual report.

“China understands very well that a fragmented Europe is a weak adversary and its opposition to China is unlikely ever to be as fierce as that of the United States,” said the report.

“Implementing China’s foreign policy doctrine, or creating a ‘community of common destiny,’ will lead to a silenced world dominated by Beijing,” it said.

Estonia has long been concerned primarily by its giant neighbour, Russia, but has become increasingly vocal about Chinese influence in recent years.

In a foreword to the report, the head of the foreign intelligence service Mikk Marran said China’s “activities raise new security issues every year”.

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