Pakistan calls upon India to bring perpetrators of Samjhauta Express blast to justice 'without further delay'

Pakistan has called upon India to fulfill its legal obligation of bringing the perpetrators of the Samjhauta Express blasts to justice without further delay.

In a statement, the Foreign Office (FO) expressed solidarity with the families of the victims of the train blast. The FO said that the victims of Samjhauta Express terrorist attack continue to await justice even after 14 years.

The FO said that despite the availability of clear evidence, India’s continuing failure to provide justice to the victims of the horrible incident is a ‘reconfirmation of the culture of impunity that the perpetrators of terrorist attacks enjoy in India’.

Fourteen years ago, on 18 February, the Delhi-Lahore Samjhauta Express train blasts resulted in the death of 68 passengers, including more than 40 Pakistani nationals.

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