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Police issue instructions for spectators of PSL

KARACHI: Sindh Police on Saturday issued instructions for spectators visiting the match venue of Pakistan Super League (PSL). According to a news release, any firearms, toy guns, explosives, firecrackers, cigarettes, matchboxes, lighters, any sharp edge materials like knives and metal/wooden clubs would not be allowed inside the venue.

Eatables, drinks, glass/plastic bottles/cans are strictly forbidden inside the venue. No flag except for the national flag of Pakistan or HBL PSL is allowed inside the venue. Any banner/poster/placard displaying discrimination or obscene remarks on the grounds of race, religion or ethnicity are strictly forbidden.

Laser pointer, laptop or any other such material is not allowed inside the venue. The spectators are not allowed to throw any objects on the ground and on the performers and fellow spectators.

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