Tourist safari train from Golra to Attock Khurd starts chugging

(Karachi) A tourist safari train which will take tourists on a sightseeing trip from the Golra railway station to Attock Khurd has been inaugurated, local media reported on Sunday.

Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani inaugurated the tourist safari train at a ceremony at Islamabad’s Golra Sharif railway station. The safari train will take tourists on a sightseeing trip on every Sunday.

The initiative is aimed at highlighting the historical and cultural beauty of Pakistan across the globe.

Speaking on the occasion, Sanjrani said the upper house of Parliament will extend full cooperation for the railways’ progress, which he said, is the backbone of economy. He stressed that the PR’s development is the need of hour.

Swati said the Pakistan Railways has an important role in the development of the country’s economy. He said the government is committed to developing the railways. “We are also determined to purge the railways of corruption,” he resolved.

He said railways also play an important role for promotion and development of the tourism sector and urged the employees of Pakistan Railways to work with honesty for the development of railways.

The Safari train, in its first phase, would travel from Rawalpindi to Golra Sharif, Taxila, Attock city to Attock Khurd Station. In the second phase, it would return to Attock City from Attock Khurd Station and would go to Kanjur and Jhalar stations.

The initiative would not only help railways earn reasonable income but also fetch foreign reserves for the country.

Arrangements have been made for the train stoppage at various places so that foreign photographers could capture the country’s natural beauty in their cameras and highlight it across the world. The Safari train consists of one diesel engine, one economy class coach, two steam engines, five bogies of freight and two break vans.

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