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“what do people want Ted Cruz to do? Make it warm??!” AOC volunteers at Houston food bank after raising more than $3mn for Texas storm victims : JoeRogan

The latest defense of Ted Cruz on this subreddit is Democrats are making Republicans look bad by doing more to help people  ̄_(ツ)_/ ̄

Why would anyone “sports team” political parties so hard that you are even defending Ted Cruz? You can be a Republican and not defend Ted Cruz

Imagine having the platform Joe has to inform millions of people, including some really impressionable young people, and choosing Republican billionaires’ talking points? About Ted Cruz and oil and gas companies?

Governor of Texas and friend of Joe who he has meetings with and hangs out with:

it was literally Greg Abbott (then the Texas AG) who sued the EPA to avoid winterizing our power grid in 2011. The Texas GOP was too busy giving out hand jobs to Big Oil to bother protecting the citizens.

Greg Abbott @GregAbbott_TX

Today I sued the EPA for messing with Texas jobs & power grid.

How Much the Oil Industry Paid Texas Republicans Lying About Wind Energy

Why on earth would right-wing people with connections to the fossil fuel industry lie about ‘frozen wind turbines’ in Texas?

Texas spent more time fighting LGBTQ civil rights than fixing their power grid. How’d that work out?

Texas shows that when you cannot govern, you lie. A lot.

Gov. Abbott Texas leaders urge prosecutors to keep enforcing pot laws

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