We urge US to play its role for peace dialogue between Pakistan, India: Asad Majeed

Pakistan has urged the United States to play its role in urging India to engage with Pakistan for bringing peace and stability to the South Asian region.

Pakistan’s US envoy Asad Majeed Khan addressing an online forum of a Washington think-tank, Stimson Centre, said that Pakistan has made repeated gestures to India for peace and dialogue.

“Pakistan is committed to a peaceful neighbourhood, the onus is now on India to create the right conditions. We urge the US to play its role,” the envoy said.

It is really important that India, first of all, reverses unilateral actions and then resumes dialogue with the intention of resolving not just Kashmir but all other disputes, Khan said.

“And then we can work for resolving our economic, trade and investment challenges,” he added.

The envoy also appreciated the Pakistani American community’s contribution to strengthening the national economy and said that the community could also play a key role in improving US-Pakistan ties.

He also asked the Joe Biden administration to make a new approach to deal with a new and transformed Pakistan, adding that one example of the changes was Fata’s merger with KP.

“The way we have cleared those tribal agencies, building up border fences, integrating Fata into mainstream Pakistan, going after terrorists and proscribed entities. That’s the first reality that they will have to realise, recognise and appreciate,” he said.

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