Broadsheet pays Rs4.5 million to Sharif family in London lawsuit

(Karachi) Broadsheet LLC has paid around Rs4.5 million to Sharif family in the lawsuit before the London High Court, local media reported on Tuesday. Broadsheet was hired by the Pakistani government to recover money and assets from the Sharif family.

As per details, Broadsheet has made a payment of £20,000 (equivalent to 4.5 million Pakistani Rupees) to the Sharif family for the settlement of the Sharif family’s legal costs after having withdrawn the Avenfield Apartments attachment application before the English High Court.

The firm had requested the London court for the seizure and sale of four Avenfield Apartments.

Lawyers acting for the Sharif family have confirmed that the payment has been received in their bank account whereas Broadsheet’s lawyers have also confirmed making the payment.

Earlier in 1999, Broadsheet was hired by the then Pakistani government to trace and recover assets of politicians, including PML-N founder Nawaz Sharif, his family members and around 170 other Pakistanis.

On June 19, 2020, Broadsheet started the process in the London High Court for the recovery of money awarded through two court judgments through the sale of four Avenfield Apartments.

Broadsheet CEO Kaveh Moussavi, in a YouTube interview, had claimed the company had flatly refused the deal offered by a person claiming to be a nephew of Nawaz Sharif, in the year 2012, retorting that the Broadsheet did not negotiate with crooks.

He revealed that Sharif family has assets not only in the United Kingdom but across the globe.

Moussavi said the process of accountability is continuing, but after President Musharraf left office, his successors started hampering the process by not giving access to information and termination of Broadsheet’s contract.

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