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Karachi’s Agha’s Supermarket Shuts Down Permanently

Karachi’s Agha’s Supermarket situated in Clifton is shutting down permanently.

As being reported, the death of Firoz Virani owner of Karachi’s Agha’s supermarket, and the recent fire at the store were the reasons that contributed to the permanent closure of Clifton’s landmark. 

Some sources quoted there has also been an inheritance issue after the owner’s death.

Farid Virani, brother of  Firoz Virani while talking to a local publication said, “Now my uncle and brother are no more and between the fire and Covid-19, along with a family dispute, we have been unable to reopen. I tried repairing the shop after the fire but quite frankly I have run out of money now. Even the insurance amount that we got was not enough as there was also the stock that got burnt along with the shop, which is over three times the insurance money.”

Established in 1978, Agha’s became a household name in Karachi’s DHA/Clifton and surrounding area. 

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