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Other people’s kids is a surprisingly great form of birth control : clevercomebacks

I made a mental promise to myself that I’ll never get kids unless I actually get a stable job and a nice home. No fucking way I’m making my child’s life miserable just because people are pressuring me to have one early. Starting a family ain’t a race, why do people gotta pretend it is? Don’t be fuckin selfish. Think of your child’s future

Edit: Since people keep asking, yes I am a guy. This may seem a terrible plan if you’re female (biologically at least), but as a dude, we can still make babies till we reach our 40s, maybe more. It might be different for women so I apologize. But if by some chance my balls ran out of juice and fatherhood really wasn’t for me? Then yeah, I wouldn’t mind honestly. Adoption is a thing, and so is in vitro fertilization (had an aunt who did this). Really, I’d pretty much prefer to have kids because I want to, not because of peer pressure. Being prepared and stable is a big bonus too. This was a philosophy an older cousin of mine shared, and it made me realize how hard it is raising a kid unprepared. So yeah, once again this is just my point of view, you can disagree with me if you want. But my advice? Live life to your fullest before settling down. You don’t wanna find yourself yelling at your kids and blaming them for all the time you lost during your youth. Please don’t do that.

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