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TIL A Scottish woman was sentenced to death by hanging around 1721. Maggie Dickson was hung, declared dead, put in a wooden coffin and carted off. She woke up en route to the churchyard, the law said her sentence had been carried out and she lived another 40 years known as ‘Half-hangit Maggie’. : todayilearned

There was a case in Oxford in the 1600s where the woman called Anne Greene seems to have had a miscarriage or still birth (sources differ) and claimed she had no idea she was pregnant (it is possible remember no competent doctors back then especially for poor people and sources differ on how old the fetus was) and she hid the remains of the fetus (probably so as not to loose her job).

She worked for the magistrate and claimed the father of the baby was his grandson so he may have tried to legally kill her to avoid scandal. As Anne survived and the magistrate died 3 days later it was seen as an act of God punishing him for unjustly sentencing her.

Some sources claim before she was hanged she called on God to prove her innocence though this is probably a fabrication made up later by people who knew she survived.

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