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Dyson Pure Cool + Humidify Cryptomic Review

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Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool Cryptomic | $900 | Dyson

Would you pay $900 for an air purifier fan? What if it came with a humidifier built-in? That’s the value proposition Dyson is banking on with the Pure Humidfy + Cool Cryptomic, one of the few air purifier/humidifier combos I could find from a reputable brand after countless hours scouring the web for something that might work for my needs.

The needs in question are nebulous considering I’ve never had a formal diagnosis outside of “inflamed nostrils” (TMI? Probably), but for as long as I can remember, I’ve never been able to breathe effectively through my nose without taking some kind of over-the-counter nasal spray like Zicam’s Intense Sinus Relief solution. But at least partially responsible for this chronic congestion is the air quality—and dryness—in our apartment. Much of this can be blamed on my cat, who is constantly shedding and dragging closet dust all over the furniture. While I’ve tested negative for cat allergies, that’s enough to make anyone experience allergy-like symptoms.

For most people, however, the idea of spending almost a grand to nip their air impurities in the bud is unfathomable. But given the appalling state of health care in this country, it’s still probably cheaper than having a medical procedure done to put your airflow issues at ease (that said, do consult with a doctor about any breathing trouble you might have first before chalking it up to poor air quality). At least that’s one way to lessen the sting.

Although Dyson products are all on the pricier side, the Cryptomic edition of the Humidify + Cool is the company’s most expensive product, coming in at a cool $100 more than even the same product less the Cryptomic subtitle. The difference between the two being a patented catalytic coating technology on the HEPA filter that is said to “destroy” formaldehyde. In theory, this would come in handy with combatting the chemical on our pressed-wood floors, but it’s hard to say if this distinction is noticeable since I don’t have the cheaper model in-hand for comparison. Otherwise, beyond the snazzy White/Light Gold colorway the Cryptomic is indistinguishable from its lower-budget counterpart.

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Photo: Gabe Carey

Because of its dual functionality, I preemptively assumed the Humidify + Cool would feel like two separate components, a cooling fan and humidifier emitting pure air and tangible water vapor, respectively, from two discrete openings. That turned out, surprisingly, to not be the case. In fact, the water vapor discharged from the humidifier is invisible to the naked eye, and unlike the thousands of cheaper dedicated humidifiers you’ll find on Amazon, it won’t dampen your floors either. And yet, just minutes after filling the base with water and powering it on, my nostrils sensed the moisture in the air, and then thanked me for it by breathing real normal. The 1-gallon tank has impressive endurance, too, lasting days at a time before it needs to be refilled.

Honey, Where’s the Remote?

Beyond its stellar performance, another thing I appreciate most about the Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool is the level of control it gives me. Whereas most humidifiers are limited to an on-device dial to adjust the humidity—and the air purifiers I’ve used either have a button interface on the front or only one static setting, Dyson provides a remote, letting you adjust the humidity, fan speed, and toggle various modes. You can switch between Fan Mode and Backwards Airflow Mode, the latter of which foregoes the cooling functionality in favor of pure air filtering and humidification. That’s the one my wife appreciates, since she gets too cold with intense air pressure blowing in her direction. I can’t blame her, especially considering it’s February and we live in New York.

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Photo: Gabe Carey

Turn the fan speed up and down, independently of one another, using the two sets of Plus and Minus buttons, or keep ‘em on Auto to let Dyson decide what’s best. The right and left arrow button enables and disables oscillation, while the one next to it allows you to switch from Fan Mode to Backwards Airflow Mode and vice versa. Using the clock button, you can set an auto-off timer ranging from 30 minutes to 8 hours, and the moon is for Night Mode, which keeps the damn thing quiet when you’re trying to catch some Zs. My only complaint is that it’s so small I often have trouble finding it around the house. At this price, a “Find My iPhone”-style feature for ringing the device using a small speaker inside to pinpoint its location. You might say that’s unnecessary, but for $900, I want all the bells and whistles—even the ones I don’t really need.

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Photo: Gabe Carey

The optional Dyson Link app for iOS and Android can emulate all the same functions of the remote and with a similar interface at that, as well as provide useful metrics such as your daily and weekly air quality, temperature, and humidity trends, along with filter health, scheduling, and even voice control through Siri (iPhone only) or Alexa. The onboard LCD screen can also show you some of these data points, albeit minus the full comprehensive sweep. My app tells me that while my average air quality today is “Good,” meaning my apartment has a “very low level of microscopic particles and VOCs” (volatile organic compounds), the average temperature level inside is much too high. And I’m inclined to agree. Why the hell is it almost 80 degrees in here with the heat off? I’m calling the weatherman.

Should I Buy the Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool Cryptomic?

At the end of the day—and I can’t stress this enough—the Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool Cryptomic is $900, but unless you’ve got a serious formaldehyde problem in your home, you don’t need the Crytpomic tech, cyberpunk as it sounds. The base model should be more than enough.

As for whether you should buy Dyson’s combination air purifier and humidifier combo in general, that depends. Do you have trouble breathing through your nose because of the dry, polluted air in your living space? Are you the kind of person that buys 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner on the way to the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell so that you can go home and play your Nintendo Switch as soon as you finish eating? Cryptomic or not, if you answered yes to both of those questions, the Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool might be for you, Cryptomic or not.

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