Crime cases witness significant increase in Capital

ISLAMABAD: The incidents of robbery, snatching at gunpoint and car lifting witnessed a significant increase in federal capital during the last week despite tall claims of city police that they have increased patrolling to curb criminal gangs.

According to data gathered by Business Recorder, 18 motor vehicles were stolen or snatched including bikes from different parts of the city. Similarly, over 23 cases of different kinds of theft including robbery, dacoity and snatching at gunpoint reported to the city’s various police stations during the last week.

The most favourite areas for the criminal gangs were within the limits of Koral, Industrial area, Karachi Company, Lohi Bheer and Golra police stations.

In the same period, three cases of robbery, one of snatching at gunpoint, a case of kidnapping and two cases of auto theft reported to Koral Police station.

Amjad Zeb lodged a complaint with Koral police station that unknown robbers stole cash of Rs 5,000 from his house. In the same area, armed persons snatched a motorbike and cash of Rs 87,500 from Umer Khan at gunpoint.

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