Drug Enforcement Cell confiscates marijuana

KARACHI: The Drug Enforcement Cell (DEC) of the Model Customs Collectorate (MCC), Airport, on Tuesday confiscated a substantial quantity of marijuana-filled cigarettes from the International Mail Office (IMO), Sharah-e-Faisal.

According to details, credible information was received that marijuana was brought into the country under the guise of transit hostel parcels and the same was being sold in the posh areas of the city at high prices.

Reacting on this information, the DEC staff posted at the IMO was directed to mount stiff vigilance of all the postal parcels at all the IMOs in Karachi.

As a result, the transit parcels, which were declared as cloths and decorative frames and were sent to Germany from the UK, were intercepted by the DEC staff due to its route.

On examination, the staff recovered 73 stick packs of cigarettes.

Later, marijuana was confirmed in these cigarettes after tests. Consequently, the customs authorities have taken the contraband in their custody and recovered 170 grams of marijuana from these cigarettes.

The value of drugs is estimated to be Rs0.25 million.

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