No major side effect of Covid-19 vaccine: minister

KARACHI: Minister for Health and Population Welfare, Sindh, Dr Azra Pechuho in her video message to healthcare workers refusing to get the vaccine said on Thursday that about 142,315 healthcare workers were registered to receive the Covid-19 vaccine; however, 33,356 had not done so.

There may be some fake news and disinformation regarding the vaccine that is why some healthcare workers may be avoiding it, the minister said and added that she herself had received the same vaccine and that there were no major side effects. “There are people who are in the age bracket of over 80 to 90 years and they have also received the vaccine without any adverse side effects.”

There might be minor side effects such as slight fever or lethargy, however, this is to be expected from all vaccines and is perfectly normal and not a cause for alarm, said Dr Pechuho.

“If healthcare workers do not get vaccinated, they are at risk of infecting others as they may be coming into contact with asymptomatic coronavirus patients as well.”

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