Extreme autotomy and whole-body regeneration in photosynthetic sea slugs: Current Biology

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Five in 15 (33%) laboratory-bred individuals of a morphotype of Elysia cf. marginata species complex (see Supplemental Experimental Procedures), and a field-collected individual of another morphotype of Elysia cf. marginata, autotomised at their neck position during lifetime (Figure 1 and Methods S1E). One individual even autotomised twice. In all cases, the pericardium region, including the heart, was left completely in the autotomised body (Figure 1A). Furthermore, the shed body was highly likely to contain the kidney, intestine, and most of the reproductive organs


  • Neusser T.P.
  • Hanke F.
  • Haszprunar G.
  • Jörger K.M.
‘Dorsal vessels’? 3D-reconstruction and ultrastructure of the renopericardial system of Elysia viridis (Montagu, 1804) (Gastropoda: Sacoglossa), with a discussion of function and homology.