FMS-Cat/condition: A 64KB WebGL Intro. Appeared in Revision 2021, PC 64KB Intro Compo

“Condition” by FMS_Cat
A 64KB WebGL Intro
Appeared in Revision 2021, PC 64KB Intro Compo

See the demo!

#define COMPROMISE 1

I’m so embarrassed that this project contains so many dumb strategies about size / performance optimization because deadline matters.
You totally shouldn’t reference this project to do something by yourself.


  • You will need these stuff in your PATH:

Keyboard Controls

Only works in development build

  • Escape: Panic
  • Space: Play / Pause
  • Left: Rewind 8 beats
  • Right: Skip 8 beats


terser’s mangler is spicy
you’ll die instantly if you access to object properties using a string identifier
see webpack.config.js and src/automaton-fxs/fxDefinitions.ts for the funny jokes

jsexe is good
note that it cannot parse nowadays ecmascript though

shader minifier is way too spicy so I made a separate document

libopus is cheating


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