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Schoonschip Amsterdam is a unique residential area: floating, sustainable, circular and initiated by a group of enthusiasts with a shared dream.

The initiators of Schoonschip commissioned Space&Matter to develop a smart urban plan. Together with a team of multi-disciplinary consultants and the inhabitants Space&Matter designed the urban plan, the plot passports and a smart jetty, which connects each house with the neighbourhood, and with the necessary technical infrastructures they need. Each resident designed their own house together with an architect of their choice, therefore the neighbourhood has a unique appearance with great diversity of materials, styles and building types.

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Schoonschip consists of a total of 30 water plots. Half of the boats are shared by 2 families, creating 46 unique water dwellings for more than 100 residents. Space&Matter designed two of the floating houses, the last of which will be completed in 2021.

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