CDA starts development work in various sectors

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority has started development work in Sector I-15 and sub-sectors 1, 3, and 4. According to the CDA, earth work of the I-sector has been completed while 3 culverts are also in the final stages. However, work has been started on roads, bridges, underground, and overhead tanks of the said sector.

Moreover, work of subways of roads is also being expedited. Earlier, development work has been started in sub-sector I-15/1; however, 20 percent development work has been completed in the said sub-sector. At least 45 percent development work has been completed in sub-sector I-15/3, while the remaining development work in the said sector is also in progress.

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The said sub-sector is being developed with 86.62 crore rupees, while work is also underway on road infrastructure. The work will be completed in the next few months; soon other services will be launched in the sector. At the same time, construction of underground, overhead tanks has also been started.

On the other hand, construction work of a culvert and bridge is also underway. The culverts will also be completed in the next three months, while the bridge will also be completed in six months.

Sector I-15/4 tender has also been awarded with a bid price of Rs 58 crores. The tender for I-15/1 has been opened and 10 percent development work has been done in the said sub-sector. The tender for Sector I-15/2 has also been sent to the management for approval.

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