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PUBG Mobile bans over 1.6 million accounts in crackdown against cheating

PUBG Mobile bans over 1.6 million accounts in a crackdown against cheating!

PUBG Mobile in its anti-cheating report, for April, shows that 1,691,949 accounts were permanently banned from accessing the game.

In yet another massive crackdown, this staggering number of accounts is from March 28 through April 1, which is about 5 days.

 PUBG Mobile has revealed that it has banned 16,91,944 accounts for cheating and related issues.

“The #BanPan strikes again! From March 28th through April 1st, we permanently banned 1,691,949 accounts from accessing our game,” PUBG said in a tweet.


PUBG Mobile had earlier banned 1,110,842 accounts permanently from accessing the game.

The Bronze category saw the ban of maximum accounts which almost came up to 35 percent. The diamond category contributed 13 percent whereas CRown (12 %), platinum 11 percent, silver 11 percent, gold 9 percent, Ace 8 percent, and conqueror 1 percent also saw a ban.

The anti-cheat report also revealed the types of cheats that were used in the game.

As per the report, 34 percent of accounts used Auto-Aim Hacks while the accounts that used X-ray Vision were also 34 percent of the total. Speed-hacks were used by 12 percent of accounts.

Of all the banned accounts, 6 percent used Modification of Area Damage and 4 percent took the help of Modification of Character Model. And finally, the remaining 10 percent of accounts used other sorts of cheats, the report added.

PUBG Mobile bans at least 1 million accounts every month for tampering with the anti-cheat policy, seemingly a common practice now. 


Reportedly, such accounts use third-party hacks to ensure win and more kills in the battle, and this is not fair to the rest of the players. 

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