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Iffat Omar apologises for getting vaccine out of turn

Iffat Omar apologises for getting the vaccine out of turn!

Seems like a popular talk show host finally got the realization about her conduct as she came out accepting her mistake and apologised for jumping the queue to get vaccinated.

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It was almost a week ago when Iffat made it to the headlines for receiving void-19 shots arranged at a federal minister’s residence along with his family members.

The actor shared the vaccine she received was a trial one. “This was a booster shot of a Cansino (trial) vaccine received from UHS who also provided the previous shot. It’s not illegal or privilege,” she had written.

And after severe backlash, Omar ended up deleting her tweet.

And even after deleting the tweet, she asked people to “take it easy” with the outrage.

But in recent turns of events, Iffat Omar in a recent social media post said, ” I am sorry. I am ashamed. I apologise from the bottom of my heart. I will repent.”

But the world never forgets, her irresponsible act is still under discussion on social media.



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