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Reader Review: "Miss Austen"

by Charla Wilson (Biloxi, MS): I loved that this book was written from Jane’s sister Cassandra’s perspective. It included information from prior to Jane’s death, the circumstances leading up to Jane’s death and after Jane’s death. I loved that the plot was centered around Cassandra’s determination to get any letters written by Jane or herself that might have shined a negative light on her family or her sister. Therefore, there were many letters included in the story and I enjoyed reading it because of the letters. I think the author did a great job telling the story and although I cannot be 100 sure, I think Jane would approve. However, I was left trying to determine what disease Jane actually died of. No I didn’t expect the author to answer that question, after all I don’t think anyone knows that for certain. But, the story did make me think about this dilemma, as well as other ask questions. If a book sticks with me in that manner, it is because it was a well written story.

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