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Thanks, I hate that I have to wear the human equivalent of a dog tag because I can’t afford an ambulance. : TIHI

Fire Rescue Lieutenant here. I can back this up for sure. Unresponsive patients are getting full care, unless I get some sort of legal medical advanced directives, usually limited to end of life care (i.e. DNR, Hospice advanced directives, etc.)

I grew up helping out my neighbor who was epileptic and autistic, coupled with work experience, I will usually wait for family or for the postictal state to wear off before making a transport decision. As long as everything is stable with no head injury or other concerning signs or symptoms, of course. Like tacmed above says, we can’t just leave you sprawled out on the pavement if something unfortunate happens. But most of us are pretty good at reading the situation and acting accordingly in the best interest of the patient.

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Best of luck to you, OP! I hope your epilepsy stabilizes. Live your best life, bud.

Edit: I love the allergy and medical alert part of the bracelet though!! It’s so helpful. It will let crews know exactly what’s going on, rather then checking for an overdose, head injury, assault (if you fell and suffered injury, for example) or some other event that may make the situation a little harder to figure out.

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