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A former Minneapolis police officer called Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict a ‘tragedy,’ saying he fears it will start a ‘new trend’ of sending cops to prison : nottheonion

Despite this anomaly they still do not . It is evident that the police were wrongly attacking media during the recent protests and not one charge was filed. Holding the police accountable for murder is good. The crime should not have to raise to the level of murder to be punished.

I recall the elderly person that fell and hit his head when shoved by one of the cops in Buffalo NY. Every officer in that large group of officers lied about what happened in their reports. They later changed what they said when the video came out . Not one officer was even punished for lying on a report. an official document, much less prosecuted for doing so.

My point is cops often break the law and get away with it simply because to prosecute them would cast doubt on their reliability as witnesses.

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