PM agrees to meet pro-JKT lawmakers – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Despite all the efforts from anti-Jahangir Khan Traeen lobby, Prime Minister Imran Khan has finally agreed to meet and listen to the reservations of PTI lawmakers who have come out in support of estranged party leader.

Well-placed sources told Business Recorder that an anti-JKT lobby led by an influential bureaucrat at the PM’s Office, was moving from pillar to post to convince the prime minister not to meet the pro-JKT members.

But some senior PTI leaders which include ministers and a provincial governor, they added, convinced the prime minister to meet and listen to the reservations of the pro-JKT members in order to avoid any rift within the party.

“Yes, some party leaders have convinced the prime minister and he’s going to meet the members – may be tomorrow or day after tomorrow – who have been supporting Tareen,” said a senior PTI leader. To a question, he said once the members meet the prime minister, Tareen might also be invited to meet his party leader, adding Tareen has contributed to strengthen the PTI more than any other member. The sources said the prime minister is scheduled to meet at least 30 PTI lawmakers today, adding the party MPAs and MNAs, who are close to JKT, will present his case to the prime minister.

Last week, PTI lawmakers backing Tareen refused to hold a meeting with a committee formed by the prime minister to hold talks with them, insisting they wanted the prime minister himself to listen to their reservations.

“Imran Khan is our captain, and we will present our grievances only in front of him,” the lawmakers had said, according to sources.

Earlier, PTI lawmakers had offered to quit the assemblies in support of Tareen, during a meeting held at his Lahore residence.

Sources privy to the meeting told this correspondent that more than 30 members of both national and provincial assemblies attended the huddle and discussed the roadmap ahead for the party, with a majority of them offering to resign.

According to the sources, the offer of resignations was not unanimously agreed upon by all lawmakers as a measure suited for the time being.

The lawmakers were, however, of the opinion that if ‘injustices’ against Tareen continue, the option of resignations from the assemblies must be exercised. The sources said the lawmakers also decided to contact others from the party.

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