Strategy needed to end digital divide among developing nations, Sheikh tells UNGA session

(Karachi) Pakistan has stressed the need to devise a comprehensive strategy to bring an end to the digital divide among different nations by developing communication infrastructure, capabilities and extending support to developing countries to cope with the challenges, particularly the Covid 19.

Speaking at a debate of 43th annual session of the UN General Assembly’s Committee on Information, Pakistan’s Press Councilor Dr. Mariam Sheikh said several poor countries lack the latest reliable and affordable internet facility.

She added that it is essential to spread information in different languages to the people especially in the pandemic situation to save lives.

She called the United Nations to play its role in the current situation.

Sheikh appreciated the United Nations and its different institutions for their efforts to spread information on public welfare and for broadcasting some of those messages in Urdu.

Dr. Mariam Sheikh said the recent investigations by EU disinfolab showed the sophisticated disinformation campaigns targeting the United Nations bodies, EU member countries and Pakistan.

She said in certain cases disinformation is being weaponized to disrupt societies and wage war through other means.

The press councilor maintained that action should be taken against the misuse of UN processes by some NGOs and some other entities that spread fake news and misinformation.

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