Female’s death due to corona infection in KP rises to 47 percent

PESHAWAR: The death ratio among female patients during the ongoing third wave of corona virus infection in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province has registered spike, raising to 47 percent.

According to statistics gathered by KP Health Department, in the first wave of corona death rates among female patients was 12 percent which later jumped to 28 percent in the second wave.

However in the prevailing third wave of pandemic, death rates showed further spike and reached to 47 percent, adds the detail.

The data collected by Health Department also disclosed that the third wave of corona has also affected dwellers of rural area.

The earlier two wave had more infection rates in urban localities due to dense population, but presently number of affected people in rural areas is also high due to non following of preventive SOPs.

The statistics also divulged that among total number of deaths in KP about 18 percent were cardiac patients and 16 percent had diabetes.

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