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hello, i’m Porter Robinson, producer / songwriter / electronic musician! AMA : Music

hello (again) everyone! i did an AMA 6 years ago around the release of my last album, Worlds. since then, I worked on “Shelter” with Madeon, and also co-created “Shelter the Animation” shortly after. i also launched a side project a few years ago called Virtual Self (recommended if you’re interested in deep dives into electronic music subgenres and turn-of-the-millennium aesthetics).

last friday, i released my second album, “Nurture”, which is a project that took me about 6 years on-and-off. after “Worlds”, i felt this really strong need to write an album that explored the beauty of reality and of the everyday, but as i’m sure we’ll get into here, it was one of the hardest (and most worthwhile!) things i’ve ever done.

here’s the new album “nurture” !

feel free to ask me anything!

i’m also really interested in speaking about creativity more broadly, since it’s something i’ve thought about a lot over the last few years.


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