PM Khan unveils historic uplift package of Rs370 billion for Gilgit-Baltistan

(Karachi) Prime Minister Imran Khan has unveiled a historic development package worth Rs370 billion for Gilgit-Baltistan.

Addressing participants at a ceremony in Gilgit on Friday, Imran said that for the first time a huge amount has been allocated for the development of this picturesque and strategically located region.

He maintained that the uplift package includes hydel power generation and transmission projects, connectivity projects for tourism, youth skill, and scholarship program, up-gradation of the health system,s and water, and sanitation schemes.

He mentioned the government will also support the development of small and medium enterprises in the area besides focusing on the expansion of its infrastructure. He said the government is also working on a strategy to commence international flight operations in the region.

The premier pointed out that the development package will help attract tourists and boost tourism in the region.

Imran said tourism in the region should not affect the natural beauty of the region, including the forests and mountains.

On the occasion, the prime minister reaffirmed his commitment to transform the country by ending corruption and corrupt mafia in the country. He said it is for the first time that big personalities involved in corruption are being held accountable.

He said the people who stole the country’s money are the biggest traitors and they should be treated that way too.

He lamented, “I have made mistakes while issuing tickets to certain people.” He stated, “I keep thinking if I should’ve appointed another person as federal minister.”

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