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CDPR Board Members get huge bonuses, employees get below average bonuses : cyberpunkgame

True story, Sony Online Entertainment was hemorrhaging money and needed some new capital so people were worried about layoffs.

About a month or so later, a big meeting was called outside the offices so everyone left and sat on the hill nearby.

About 30 minutes goes by and then John Smedley comes out and announces Good news all! We got the funding and are gonna celebrate with a pizza party! Oh also, I need this list of people to come over here when we call you!

Cheers went up as Smed heads inside and a list of 30 or so people are called over and pointed around the corner.

Turns out that funding didn’t extend to those people who went around the corner to find their shit all packed up and HR waiting to collect their badges for immediate layoffs.

Never affected his and the rest of the executive bonuses though….

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