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High prices dampen Eid shopping in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: The Eid shopping has gained momentum amid fear of a complete lockdown in Peshawar but buyers have complained that the high prices have dampened their Eid festivity.

During a visit to local markets here, high turnout of shoppers, including women and children, families, has been witnessed this year amid fear of imposition of a complete lockdown in Peshawar from May 8.

A majority of shopkeepers stated that during Ramazan their sales were low due to high inflation coupled with the hot weather which kept the customers away from the markets.

Though, the Eid shopping has gained momentum as a huge rush of women buyers are seen in major bazaars, shopping centres, plaza and local streets.

During the visit to the local market here on Saturday, it was witnessed that prices of footwear, children garments, cloth, artificial jewellery and other Eid-related items have sharply increased in this year as compared to last year.

There was massive turnout in main city bazaars although it was observed that the prices of sandals, joggers, ladies and children shoes have increased.

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