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It’s difficult to get honest feedback from workers who fear retaliation. : technology

I worked for a place that had a contract where representatives would ask to meet directly with some people who worked in the factory at random. Basically they would refuse to do business if the workers were overworked and over stressed. Normally if sales promised to much they would just mandate overtime until it was caught up. But then that overtime became the norm. Reguardless their was one manager on the floor who was ex military and she treated all the other workers on the floor like they were recruits. Yelling demanding no is not an option type stuff. If you made a mistake you were honestly afraid to admit it to her. You would have to weigh if she would catch it because if she did it would be even worse than if you just told her. Needless to say a large majority of the staff was terrified of her.

They took that woman and put her in the same room of the meeting to help with understanding the questions that were being asked. Or to clear up any confusion as some people didn’t speak english well talk about intimidation.

One of my coworkers was essential to the process and not easily replaced and reguardless of the military boss being there told them how shitty it was with all the overtime and according to her military boss almost blew out a vein with how high her blood pressure shot up. Apparently they had been downplaying that their was any overtime but they quickly corrected it to “oh but it’s non mandatory” for everyone else who was asked about it

I got let go from that company for not working enough “non mandatory” overtime when had a 3 day cold

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