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9 Ways to Protect Your Car Interior From Your Kids

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A durable, thin bathroom rug makes the perfect catcher for crumbs and spills. Put it under the car seat, Hint Mama tells us, and the non-slip backing keeps it in place while providing a barrier between your car’s upholstery and spilled drinks. To make the rug provide full coverage, you’ll need to cut out openings for the seatbelts, but after that, you can easily remove the rug to shake out the crumbs or stick in the washing machine if needed.

A towel could work as an alternative and also protect your upholstery from possible damage from the car seat itself. An important note, though: Make sure the car seat is properly installed and the towel or rug doesn’t interfere with the car seat’s stability. Of course, if you’d rather buy a commercial car seat protector, you can find those online, too.

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