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Nine NZ Customs border workers fired after refusing jab : news

My mother works as an HR director for a hospital dealing specifically w/ longterm care children (so, a lot of immunocompromised kids).

70% of her job atm is dealing w/ ppl that don’t want to be vaccinated. This wasn’t her SOP prior to the virus. Some of these workers have strong unions behind them. It becomes a lot of paperwork/meetings/etc. and delaying the inevitable (i.e either you get the shot or find a different job).

They still work with the kids in close capacity while all this crap gets “dealt with”. It’s hugely insensitive to not only the children but the people that they work with and just generally come in contact with at the hospital.

My father passed away from Covid last year not simply because he got the virus and was unlucky in terms of recovering. He had pre-existing illnesses (former smoker & type 2 diabetic; 61 yrs old) that renderred him high risk for this virus wreaking serious havoc on his immune system. Well, it did. He’s dead now.

I’m all for people having their own decision with regards to whether they want to take a vaccine that was pushed through fairly quickly due this being an emergency/epidempic. But my sympathy for them ends there.

When will people start thinking about others intstead of solely themselves? Have we forgotten how this virus is transmitted? And the high cost at which you being a perfectly healthy human can commute COVID-19 to someone else while being entirely asymptomatic?

It’s becoming a case of ignorance and/or selfishness at this point for those that choose to complain of their right to a paycheck meanwhile an epidemic is taking the lives of their friends, family, family’s friends, and their friend’s families.

I’m all about being judicial but holyshit people, come the fuck on.

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