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Since when can you start a business for $999?! Conservative logic ftw! : TheRightCantMeme

Ok so, put aside the fact that the argument is ridiculous…

I thought greed and hustle was “human nature”?

If that is the case, why then do they have to make arguments about why people aren’t pursuing the opportunity they claim exists?

The reality? Greed is not human nature. Most people just want to live, not engage in the endless pursuit of capital. This is self evident just by looking around, looking at your community, looking at your loved ones, looking at the people. Everywhere you look, people aren’t simply pursuing capital. Almost nobody is. In truth most people just want to live and exist with other people. Build friendships and families and love and grow old and die together.

This isn’t just visible literally everywhere around us by thinking about it though. It’s visible in the very hunter-gatherer societies human beings built first. Some of those societies still exist today.

Meet the Hadza(thread).

The natural state of human beings is simply to coexist and live. It’s only when affected by environmental conditions such as scarcity of resources or incentive systems like endless accumulation of wealth that undesirable behaviour really begins to become a common feature of society.

The environment shapes humans and we can change our environment to make humans better. We can redesign our system to make humans better.

With every whispered observation, they left us powerless to explain the madness of our own social norms, and when they boarded the plane back to PNG, we were the ones racked with envy–envious of their joyously interdependent community, their clear understand of what mattered in life, their rock-solid roles, simple pleasures and ample leisure time, their lack of mortgages and debts, their indisputable “goodness.” Our world appeared an obscene and dysfunctional manifestation of human existence in comparison.

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