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Why hasn’t Robinhood still not received any form of punishment/fine when they restricted the buying on 50 different stocks back in January? : stocks

This article contains the list:

I know other brokerages restricted GME/AMC. But Robinhood’s restricted list was way bigger and included stocks such as AMD, AAL, BYND, GM, IPOE, MRNA, and SBUX. I had got into stocks in January 2021 as a new years resolution. Which was a couple weeks before the GME stuff and reddit trading was even all over the news. At the time I honestly thought the buying restriction was something a part of the stock market. As a few stocks had been getting suspended in trading in both buying/selling quite frequently prior to RH restrictions.

Now that a couple months have passed looking back. Im honestly shocked RH didn’t receive any type of fine/punishment for that. They limited the upside on 50 stocks while still leaving holders open to the full downside. I really hope that doesn’t happen again.

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