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Caitlyn Jenner says “it just isn’t fair” for biological boys to compete in girls’ sports : JoeRogan

Had to google a bit to refresh my memory as to whether it’s just assumed she was obviously at fault. She wasn’t charged and was driving under the speed limit. Unless I’m missing something, which I easily could be doing, is there anything to suggest she shouldn’t be on the road (also shoutout to one of the more vapid comments I’ve ever read, guy below me who weighs in with “money”)

Edit: I was about to acknowledge I didn’t look harshly enough at her bc another commenter mentioned that she drove away, which wouldn’t have been a great look. But then I continued googling:

Prosecutors could have filed a misdemeanor manslaughter charge, but sources familiar with the investigation said there was a number of mitigating factors, including the fact that Jenner wasn’t driving recklessly or at excessive speed, didn’t flee the scene, traveled with the flow of traffic and wasn’t on a cellphone at the time.

Dude prosecutors are incentivized to treat defendants, especially famous ones, like career-makers. I’m actually having difficulty finding anything that suggests Caitlyn has even ever made a mistake behind the wheel lol

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