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Sen. Bernie Sanders says US drug companies should relinquish intellectual property rights to COVID-19 vaccines because ‘millions of lives are at stake around the world’ : politics

It kinda depends on who the shareholder is. For example, if we’re talking “retail investors” then no, but my guess is that if you’re an executive shareholder, on the board, or in some other influential position within the organization, you may have certain responsibilities that would put you in a position to push back on this kind of thing.

I’m personally on the fence about this. I think intellectual property protections are immensely important to our economy, but I also think that in situations of crisis such as a pandemic, people (including corporate executives) should understand that there is a greater good to be had. Should they just give away their IP, eh…don’t know about that, but the way I see it, if the federal government can invoke imminent domain to force someone to sell their property at a “fair price”, maybe there’s some precedent for something in the middle.

I’m not an expert on any of this, just my two cents.

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