Shahbaz rejects govt's proposal to use electronic voting system in next elections

(Karachi) PML-N president Shahbaz Sharif has rejected the government’s proposal to use electronic voting machines in the next general elections, local media reported on Sunday.

Talking to media persons, Shahbaz said that the electronic voting system has been declared a failure by the entire world. He added that electoral reforms are undertaken with the consultations of all key stakeholders, the public’s opinion, and by developing a consensus.

He said the PML-N had undertaken electoral reforms in 2018 via consultations with all political parties in the country, including the PTI. “No one had any reservations with the electoral reforms undertaken during our era,” he said.

He pointed out that introducing electoral reforms is possible but the opposition should be taken on board and the government must demonstrate a willingness to adopt the recommendations provided by the opposition parties.

He said a country’s integrity increased by the implementation of justice, transparency, and rule of law rather than electronic voting machines. He stated that the government should be concerned about the poor economic situation, rising inflation, and unemployment instead of electronic voting.

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