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State Senator calls out corruption on senate floor, gets told “We’ll call a vote at the right time. I hope you’ll miss it.” : PublicFreakout

This is fucking infuriating

This is the GOP. They used to hide it all much more effectively so they had plausible deniability. Trump made them take off their disguises. Now there is no denying it. We all see it. They are even flexing it in some cases.

Our vote is so much more important today than at almost any time in our Nation’s history. Start voting in the midterms if you haven’t historically. Help campaign for your chosen candidates if you can. Donate if you can. Get involved because these people are well funded and their agenda is filled with pain and strife for us and the people we love. Just look at the groups they are targeting now. Trans kids as an example. Think about that. They are targeting kids. Look at the draconian laws they are putting in place that can bring child abuse charges if a parent accepts and supports a trans child. This demographic of kids has the highest suicide rate out of all youth groups. Over 41% of them have already tried to commit suicide and over 52% of them have seriously considered doing it in the last 12 months. Yet they are hammering on these kids and their families.

It sounds extremists to suggest but, devastatingly, it is not at all…. children’s blood will absolutely be on their hands. Don’t let it get on yours. Help stop the GOP! Silence is compliance.

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