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Guy Cuts Tree Which Accidentally Falls Down on the Roof of House……. : instant_regret

From the homeowner: “So last week my next door neighbors,trying to be good neighbors,hired a tree company to take down a very dangerous tree in their front yard that was hanging over both of our houses.They were obviously lied too about the guys skills that they hired because he ended up dropping a 25,000 pound tree on my house and then just vamped out without as much as cleaning up a twig,leaving a tree in my house and my life and my family’s life in shambles…Now,feeling bad for this guy,I wasnt even going to put his or his company’s name out there because mistakes happen and social media can be ruthless.But then,almost a week later,they had the nerve to show back up to the scene and grab their dinky little cones they were trying to block off the street with and ask for their fucking jump rope that they were trying to stabilize the tree with…ATTENTION ALL HOMEOWNERS-if you care about your house or your neighbors at all,DO NOT USE Joel Wilson’s company OUR TREES out of Bridger,Montana…Just because someone is licensed and insured DOES NOT make them a professional.My wife was at work but me and my son are lucky we are not dead.Not to mention the mess you left in your wake.And all you are worried about were your fucking cones and rope……..Classless……And a big shout out to Larry and his crew from ABC Seamless for coming out on a Sunday and working for 4 days straight to clean up your mess.Larry and Travis from ABC Seamless have been nothing but reliable and dependable through this whole debacle.Helping us every step of the way….So thank you ABC Seamless…And screw you,OUR TREES from Bridger,Montana…….”

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