‘Robbers’ held at Karachi ATM released – Pakistan

KARACHI: In a turn of events, police on Wednesday released four people arrested from an ATM in the Bahadurabad neighbourhood of the city over suspicion of being robbers.

According to details, the entire episode occurred at an ATM facility in Bahadurabad where a citizen alarmed police regarding a suspected robbery after witnessing four people entering the facility at a time.

“Soon after receiving an alert on 15 emergency number, SHO New Town rushed to the site and surrounded the suspected robbers,” they said adding that the four men locked themselves inside the ATM after police surrounded them and crowd gathered outside the facility.

The police had to break in to apprehend them and later shifted them to the police station as the public also tried to torture them.

The entire episode took a turn at the police station, where the four men gave proof of their association with a franchise in Korangi and the amount possessed by them.

“We received authentication that the men approached the bank to deposit the amount and locked themselves inside the ATM facility after the crowd gathered there,” they said adding that the police released them after fulfilling legal formalities.

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