KU botanical garden named after Prof Dr Artafaq Ali

KARACHI: Spokesperson of Sindh government and Advisor for Law, Environment and Coastal Development Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said that the services of those who worked for the welfare of the society should be remembered and he is happy that Karachi University Botanical Garden named after university’s former vice chancellor Professor Dr Artafaq Ali. He expressed these views while addressing the inaugural function of the Botanical Garden at Karachi University as the chief guest.

“As a nation, we need to plant trees and improve the environment, and the plants we plant will benefit future generations for decades to come,” he said.

He said that unfortunately no attention was paid to tree planting in Karachi and he was happy that attention was being paid to tree planting in Karachi University as global warming is actually a “global warning” so every individual and every student must plant a tree. He also said that Sindh government had planted 30,000 saplings in Urban Forest in Clifton and thousands of fruit and flowering plants in Karachi Hill Park.

He further said that 43,000 students are studying in Karachi University. If every student planted a plant, the university would present a more beautiful scene and if we all adopt the same style as a nation, the environment would change. And when we improve the environment, political tensions will decrease. On this occasion, Dr Khalid Iraqi, Vice Chancellor, Karachi University, said in his address that along with botanical research, plants are also grown in Karachi Botanical Garden. In this context, 200,000 plants have been planted in Karachi University during the tree planting campaign and Karachi University is part of the Sindh Environment Department’s “Clean and Green” campaign because global warming is a major challenge for Pakistan, including Karachi.

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