Marriyum challenges PM’s economic indicators

ISLAMABAD: PML-N Secretary Information Marriyum Aurangzeb has challenged Imran Khan to issue a comparison of economic indicators for the year 2018 when PMLN ended its term versus 2021 which is after 3 years of PTI government.

In a statement Marriyum said the incompetent and lying PTI government destroyed the economy and now shamelessly tweets lies to cover up the disaster they committed. These lies won’t fix the economic crisis created by this government, she added. The PTI regime was still unable to even match the economic progress under PMLN government.

The former Information reminded that PML-N’s 5.8 growth and 3 percent inflation dwarfs PTI’s minus 0.4 growth rate and 16 percent inflation rate. In 5 years PMLN took Rs 10,000 billion loan and completed countless development projects, while PTI took Rs 15,000 billion loan in just 3 year’s and did not complete a single project, she said.

Marriyum said under PML-N, the FBR collected a record high Rs 3, 842 billion in taxes while PTI has had to revise its own targets three times for the first time in country’s history.

“This PTI government didn’t even meet its current year’s target of Rs 4,500 billion tax collection. Who are they trying to fool by setting up a target of 5.8 trillion”, she said.

This government that came into power through lies and forgery is only surviving through lies and forgery, she concluded—PR

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