Parents call for conducting pre-board examinations – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: A large number of parents have demanded of the concerned authorities to conduct pre-board examinations of the students to make them well-prepared for the final board examinations.

The parents, worried of their children’s future whose admissions in medical colleges or engineering universities depend upon their marks in F.Sc, are demanding to conduct Pre-Board exams which serves chiefly as practice for the final exam of the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE).

According to the parents, they are concerned about how their college going children will perform in the intended board exam in near future while they have not gone through proper testing and assessment as such in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic.

Who will help them understand the nature of questions and the way to respond to those questions, the parents asked while terming it very important that the students should go through at least one week of practice exams in their colleges.

All the stakeholders especially parents are wonder struck over the question of examinations without any prior preparation.

Student community which is legitimately the future of our nation has suffered an unprecedented academic loss due to the uncertain situation amid COVID-19 pandemic.

It is also questionable how the students will come up to the expectations of the examining bodies i-e school boards.

Ayesha, a student of Islamabad Model College for Girls (Postgraduate) G-10/4 said, “Feeling sickness with sweaty hand palms in the examination hall will be the experience of every student which seems to have made you forget everything that you have been revising for over the year. So in order to become familiar with the exam, a practice exam should be conducted”.

Students will be able to assess their performance in the Pre-Board exams and will build new strategies and put more efforts to bring good grades.

Hence Pre-Board exams provide students with a very true picture of how they are doing in their classes, she said while talking to APP.

An Associate Professor of a female college said, “Entering the examination hall, finding roll number on the exam desk and taking a seat with an answer script and facing an unknown question paper is a nerve-racking experience for many students.

She pointed out that rigorous training is required before the students sit in the Board exams. Multiple exams are required though yet at least one pre-board exam is direly needed at the earliest.

If students are not made to go through this process, the entire board exam shall remain detrimental to aims of education, she added.

Having a parent-teacher contact is almost impossible in the given circumstances. The only answer to the question of exams is a pre-board exam with a greater focus on familiarizing students with the paper pattern and expectations of examiners in the Board exams, expressed Ghazala, who is a healthcare provider herself and her daughter is pursuing FSc Pre-Medical at IMCG I-8/3.

She went on saying that science education is not theory but practical knowledge. I earnestly request the concerned authorities to arrange a pre-board exam before any board exams.

When contacted, a senior official of the Federal Directorate of Education told this news agency that since the educational institutions are reopening, the directorate is making a strategy to conduct pre-board exams of the students.

The pre-board exams will be arranged for preparing the students for the board exams, the official added.

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