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Employees Are Quitting Instead of Giving Up Working From Home

We’re considering adjusting the way our employees use the office. Having it become more of a “getaway” or new “open” office, where people can come and go as they please. No requirement to be there part time, full time or any time. I’ve used this concept just to break up my day a bit, or get out of my home office for a day. I think it honestly helps me with my productivity throughout the day/week.


Very happy to see this generate a lot of discussion.

Wanted to clarify a few things I’ve seen in the comments. First off, there are cost savings involved with the adjustment of the amount of space needed for this. This time last year we had double the square footage rented as we do now. However, we have everything spaced in a way that allows for distancing and comfort for those who come into the office. In fact at this point in time its almost an open market for “real estate”.

Yes this is similar to “hoteling”, the biggest difference being our company size is just enough that people can have their own space and won’t have to share. So everyone can “claim” where they’d like to work, or adjust it if it doesn’t’ work out. I’ve moved my work space twice since starting to revisit the office. I’m not sure if this rotation will last but its nice at this time.

Some people have asked about if we are hiring. At this point in time, we’re looking for Digital Marketers with expertise in Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook/Instagram. As well as Software Developers. If you fit any of these please DM me and we can talk further.

Lastly, if you work at a company who have shown no issues during the pandemic with remote work and yet want everyone back. Start a company wide petition, I know its corny but seriously, be the change you want to see. If the business as a whole knows they can run with more remote, or rotational office time, the employees pushing for this will eventually spur change.

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