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England players deserve better than their own fans booing them for taking a knee : unitedkingdom

There are a lot of disenfranchised people out there, especially in Teesside. They feel left out and forgotten as industry and enterprise moved out of there towns and prosperity was lost.

And year after year, they sit trapped in this economic quagmire. All the while the media tells them they are the privileged white few, and black people, Asian people, women- THEY are the real disenfranchised they are told.

Then you get the folks in power who really caused and continue the economic hardship, they sense the anger of the ‘working class’, and so subtly nudge these folk into gentle racism, just like they nudge them to blaming benefit cheats, or the EU. So long as they keep a thriving demographic war no one will blame the real guys who twisted the knife on the British working class economy. Nah, they’ll even vote for them now.

I don’t condone booing of anti racism. But it’s far more complicated a question that simply assuming those unwashed tattoo sporting northerners are just racists. It’s a symptom of an underlying social scarcity war. And to say otherwise is to ignore the true problem and instead let it propagate

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