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The difference between our FedEx and USPS deliveries today. Shoutout to our USPS driver for moving the FedEx packages out of the rain. : videos

I can’t say this honestly surprises me. Storytime!

I’ve ordered from and gotten packages from a variety of delivery services. USPS, UPS, and Amazon Prime have all delivered packages quickly, carefully, and most importantly, accurately as far as expected delivery/tracking goes.

But FedEx. Fucking FedEx. They never handle their shit right. They give you a day it’s supposed to arrive, maybe. Login for more precise info. Then you log in and it gives you a fat middle finger and tells you to get fucked as it repeats the same day with no additional context.


I had an order coming via FedEx. Knowing the shitshow, I set aside my entire Thursday to receive the package. It was supposed to arrive by end of day Thursday. Until end of day happened, and nothing arrived.

Welp. The website updated to pending, and the next morning it informed me it would be arriving “Today, Friday, by 6pm”

Okay, so I need to devote another day to watching for the package. At least it gave me more of an estimate.

6pm rolls around, no package. The tracker updates to “End of business, today”. Until it didn’t arrive at end of business, Again.


It updates for saturday, saying “Expected delivery: Monday by end of day”. Well, fine. At least I can handle my grocery shopping and such without worry, since the package won’t arrive til monday.

As I was leaving to get groceries, the FedEx guy rolls up. Thank christ I was there to get it, because if it’d been stolen because of their utterly incompetent package tracking I’d have gone full on apeshit.

Amazon? No problems. UPS? Right there when they say it will be. USPS? Super accurate, arrives within a time window with no issues.

FedEx? “EH, FUCK IT”

Fuck fedex.

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